Julia Wilson - Painter

As an artist I work in a realistic, photographic style using pencil, pen and ink, watercolours, acrylics, clay and a variety of craft materials. From an early age I loved to draw, paint, sculpt and visit art galleries where I encountered the work of Gainsborough, Arthur Rackham, Constable and Turner whom I greatly admired. My inspiration continues to come from nature and a deep concern that man must protect and nurture our fragile environment as well as our own inner being. With the knowledge that mankind is becoming more impersonal I appreciate the value of developing artistic skills as a deep therapy.

One doesn’t have to have lessons or a degree to draw, paint or make something, as we see with children, and therefore my goal is to facilitate workshops in which one can escape from the pressures of life and become timeless in creativity. We all know the climate is changing, species of life forms are becoming extinct and crime is on the increase. Perhaps we can take advantage, by using the creative side of our brains and different mediums, to make a positive difference to each one of our lives.

The works of the above mentioned artists depict life in their time, as well as their fantasies; let’s take the challenge and compare theirs with ours.

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