Steve Beavan - Photographic Art

Old man of the woods

Steve Beavan (Photographer/Artist) moved to Mid Wales six years ago and was immediately inspired by the beauty of the area. After a few years of capturing images of the local landscapes, people and anything else that strayed in front of his lens, he realised that there was a lot more to these images than first met the eye.

A whole new adventure had begun and Celtic Dream Time had been born.

Celtic Dream Time is a collection of images taken from original photographs captured in and around the Dyfi valley area. Through post production Steve has been able to reveal the mystical and magical world that is normally hidden from the casual viewer. Each and every viewer of the images will have their own perception and experience as they gaze into and around the frame.
Some people say that they see a Pagan influence with Divas, nature spirits and other mystical creatures within the images. Each image is unique in its ability to produce many more images in the mind’s eye as the viewer’s eyes are drawn into and around its secrets.

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